The Beginnings makes nutritious food products and healthy ingredients that are made in Latvia from raw materials carefully sourced from all over the world.

We return to the beginning. The beginning is every seed, sprout and root, every berry, fruit and vegetable that has grown anywhere on our planet. Every morning of your life is like an opportunity for a new beginning – a little different, healthier, full of energy and joy.

We can help you with a new beginning for yourself – our nutritious food products are free from preservatives, artificial sweeteners, trans fats, synthetic colourings and other “wonders” of new food technology. You can simply choose what we have chosen – the primitive – in the very best sense of the word, for, in the beginning, everything was created perfect, nutritionally as well as visually and in flavour without any need to improve it by making it redder, shinier or sweeter!

In the beginning, everything has vibrant colours; it’s fresh, natural, genuine and vital. In the beginning, you are free, innocent, healthy, beautiful. Rich and clean energy, a genuine and unpolluted life force. We believe that you must start with yourself, with a holistic attitude to your body that is full of love and commitment, giving it healthy, enriching food, reducing stress, embracing regular physical exercise and time for rest.