Xylotreat Xylitol Sweetener 500g

£ 5.85


Xylotreat Xylitol table top sugar-free sweeteners are ideal for regular users of xylitol.

Xylotreat sweetener is 100% Xylitol, it looks and tastes like sugar and yet has 40% less calories than sugar, and no aftertaste.

Xylotreat Xylitol is suitable for use in any calorie-controlled diet, is suitable for diabetics and is tooth friendly.

Xylitol is an all-natural unique sweetener which, because of its natural properties, prevents bacteria adhering to teeth and gums and therefore helps to keep the oral cavity healthy.

Xylitol is recommended by dentists and hygienists.


Xylotreat Xylitol Sweetener 500g



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