Plum and Ginger Jam

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Xylotreat  Plum & Ginger Jam sweetened with xylitol, a natural sweetener with no aftertaste, and is suitable for diabetics. Xylotreat Plum & Ginger Jam is perfect for delicious afternoon tea or spread on croissants for a morning treat!
All Xylotreat products are made with loving care and designed to be suitable for those who like a sweet treat now and then and seek a reduced sugar alternative.

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Exciting new flavour Plum & Ginger Jam sweetened with Xylitol .

PERFECT CHOICE FOR DIABETICS: All XyloTreat products are completely sugar-free. Xylitol has a very low Glycemic index and doesn’t spike blood sugar or Insulin. At the same time Xylitol contains zero fructose and has no negative impact on blood sugar and insulin. Therefore XyloTreat Xylitol sweetener is the perfect and sometimes only choice for people with diabetes, prediabetes, obesity or other metabolic problems.

ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: XyloTreat Plum & Ginger Jam made of 100% natural ingredients from ecologically clean areas. All our products completely free from GMO products and completely suitable for vegans and vegetarians.