Happy New Year! 2018 is upon us and we’ve got some very exciting new products to share with you. Check out the new range below and head over to our shop to buy!

You’ll be pleased to know that we don’t add refined sugar to our homemade sauces, jams and chutneys. In fact, we don’t add any nasties – only the good stuff goes in! Instead of sugar we use Xylitol, which is a completely natural alternative. It contains 40% less calories and won’t give you the nasty aftertaste that most sweeteners do!

Passata Sauce

Xylotreat Tomato Passata Sauce adds a zingy and real tomato flavour to any dish. From a basic spaghetti bolognese to spicy lamb shanks, this handy tomato sauce is the foundation to some of our favourite recipes.

Hot Chilli Sauce

Spice up your dishes with our delicious Hot Chilli Sauce! We use only the very best fresh red chillies for great taste. Use it as a dipping sauce for fish cakes, or coat salmon before grilling for a spicy glaze.

Raspberry Jam

A British classic! Our Raspberry Jam is naturally sweetened with Xylitol. Perfect on warm croissants or toast for breakfast, or serve it on scones for afternoon tea. You could even try baking a delicious victoria sponge using our tabletop sweetener.

Orange & Grapefruit Marmalade

Feel the zing with our Orange & Grapefruit Marmalade! Made with zesty oranges and grapefruit, this marmalade is superb with wholemeal toast and butter. Created by hand in open pans. Made with whole fruit.

Caramelised Red Onion Chutney

Our signature blend, loved by all for its sticky savouriness and because it goes with everything. Serve our Caramelised Red Onion Chutney with a ploughman’s lunch or as a simple side to cold meats and sandwiches.