About us

Anyone 4 Tea is a European distributor of selected natural products, supplying specialised product ranges, representing the manufacturers who produce them. Anyone 4 Tea Ltd is the supplier of:

  • Spry range of Xylitol based products for the use in dental defence systems and through its principle, Xlear Inc, supports the research into the uses of Xylitol.  These xylitol products are sold under the Xlear, Spry, XyloSweet and Sparx brand names.
  • Cheeki environmentally friendly Stainless Steel Bottles in a variety of sizes and designs. These products are BPA – Free, durable, safe, healthy, attractive and reusable. Our Cheeki Bottles, Mugs, Flasks and Shakers are fully recyclable, unlike plastic bottles which harm our environment.

Anyone 4 Tea has been trading since 2007 with the ethos of providing excellence of service and products to our customers.

Anyone 4 Tea Ltd are proud members of the leading UK Trade Association, The Health Food Manufacturers Association and we support their activities to help protect and promote the interests of suppliers of safe and popular natural health products.