Established in 2007, Anyone 4 Tea Ltd is an established European distributor of natural products with an extensive range of specialist health products. Anyone 4 Tea Ltd is a small flexible based Company, owned by the Last family, who have over 30 years’ experience in International brand marketing.

Based in Hindhead, Surrey Anyone 4 Tea Ltd supplies several brands including;

  •  Xylotreat,  range of Xylitol sweeteners, sauces and preserves;
  • Oatwell Oat Bran powders with Beta-Glucan,
  • as well as their own specialist ranges under Anyone 4 Tea brand.




New ranges are being added to the company’s portfolio, as distribution grows.Products are distributed either directly into retail stores, or via the wholesale network into retail outlets, or via the website. The main stores serviced currently tend to be independent health stores and pharmacy, and distribution is continually being expanded into other areas. Anyone 4 Tea also supplies across Europe on an International basis to distributors and customers.

The Anyone 4 Tea name derives from when the Company was founded supplying a range of Green Tea products from the USA, and the UK connection being offered a cup of tea. Unfortunately, the company no longer distribute these products but the name, Anyone 4 Tea was so popular, and subsequently recognisable as a distributor of quality products, that the name has remained to this day.